Posted on Wed, Sep. 23, 2009

Make it easier to remove abusive teachers

Re the Sept. 12 story Kindergarten teacher accused of roughing up student:
Alexandra Kralik, a kindergarten teacher at A.C. Perry Elementary School in Miramar, does not belong in any classroom. Teaching is a profession ideally consisting of highly trained and qualified professionals with impeccable character imparting knowledge and molding the minds of our future leaders.
Unfortunately, teachers such as this one diminish the accomplishments of the majority, are a threat to children and should never be permitted to enter or remain in the teaching profession. I speak as a retired math teacher with more than 30 years of experience in the classroom who has seen what an administration bent on covering up abuses can do.
The quality of education in our state has improved tremendously during the past 10 years, and our legislators have attempted to pass laws that would make it easier for school districts to remove such teachers from their rolls. The teachers' unions, which are only interested in maintaining the status quo, oppose this legislation and have been very successful in blocking it.
Parents rightly expect their children to receive a high-quality education in school, and districts' ability to rid the system of teachers such as Kralik will make it easier to achieve this goal.
Shame on the teachers' unions and the school bureaucracies that continue to protect these bad apples.
IRA J. PAUL, president, Independent Voices for Better Education, Hialeah