Education Sec. Duncan: Vouchers don't work

@ 1:43 pm by Michael O'Brien

Vouchers for impoverished students to attend private or parochial schools do not work, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan flatly stated Friday.

"I've been very, very clear that I don't think vouchers work," Duncan said at a forum at the National Press Club today. "They're not the answer."

Vouchers serve too few of children on a community level, Duncan said, adding that wholesale reform of the education system is more effective.

"If a nonprofit or philanthropy wants to provide scholarship money to children, that's a great, great use of the resources," he said. "But I don't want to save one or two percent of children and let 98, 99 percent drown. We have to be much more ambitious than that."

Duncan did, however, back continued vouchers for D.C. schoolchilden still on the program.


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  1. 1.      I began as a volunteer activist for education reform with the successful late 70s campaign to create legislation and funding for crossing guards for Florida's children.

I was an "insider" in the Miami-Dade system and saw the waste and corruption grow cancerously. The United Teachers of Dade's leader, a major part of the problem, was subsequently disgraced and sent to jail, superintendents were ousted and hired, but nothing changed the misery for disadvantaged children. One School Board member, herself a minority, said publicly that they'd just have to plant some seeds and see what grew. I told her while they were waiting for something to grow, the children were dying on the vine. The Title 1 schools have always been the feeder patterns to the jails, and yet our Education Secretary thinks he can change that culture of corruption. In each school district in Florida, the system is the largest employer, and the largest counties' budgets are well over $5 Billion. It's a recipe that's followed all over the country, because the districts use tax dollars to meet on state and national levels to exchange "reforms."

Independent Voices for Better Education, Inc. is a pioneering grassroots reform 501(c)(3), and if anyone wants to see the evidence that this corrupt, wasteful, negligent public education system will resist reform no matter what, log onto our site, Charters and vouchers are the only saving graces that hold out hope to those who have long since abandoned it and suffer from the abuses.

Comment by Charlotte Greenbarg — May 31, 2009 @ 4:13 pm