Charlotte Greenbarg, DAC Rep to FT


Mike Garretson reported that the glass replacement on KCW would begin one week ahead of schedule. The district has negotiated contracts for hurricane work ahead of the event. Facilities is operating with a staffing problem, i.e., project managers are leaving for other districts or the private sector. Some have some back from private businesses, citing much longer working hours than in the public sector. Construction costs are up 46%. There are two high schools, MMM and LLL that need to be done. The third high school will be a small school. LLL is as far west as it can possibly go, and will cost $89 million for 3000 students, $175 sq.ft.  Pirtle is the builder. Three years ago Cypress Bay was built for half as much. There are also two middle schools and an elementary school in the works. There will be a deficit of $356 million if the inflated costs hold up.

A Property Review subcommittee was formed to investigate and advise on sites that could be sold, land available for schools and other matters related. This subcommittee would not be selecting specific sites, nor would it make decisions or negotiate.

The Housing Expo at Piper High 9:00 a.m. on May 13 will have lenders, developers and many resources for those qualifying for affordable housing. Bank of America has for years offered zero down, low interest loans for teachers. It simply hasn’t been widely announced. There are one-bedroom units under $200,000 on the Intracoastal available.

There are communication problems between schools and projects managers being reported. The district is experimenting in the South Central area to survey principals and find out how to better expedite communications. There are Project Manager 3s in each area who go once a month to area meetings. These are the people to go to if information isn’t forthcoming from the school PMs. Ask your Area Supt’s. who the PM 3s are.

There are neither upper nor lower limits on change orders on projects. Some are very small and all credits to the district are shown as well. The “Other” category is gone. The Auditors revealed the problem with the category that allowed consultants to get off the hook for costs associated with changes that were really because of errors and omissions by the consultants. The district will go back and try to retrieve the money it spent on these change orders over the past two or three years.

The Task Force requested that members find out how many lunch seatings there are in their schools, whether there are one or two lunch lines, and what times lunches are served. The elementary and middle schools have priority for this activity. This concern arose when we found out cafeterias were being built smaller than would be expected.

Omar Shim reported on the revised five-year capital plan. Because of the increase in millage ($577 million) that allowed for an increase in borrowing capacity ($341 million), other local, PECO and Class Size Reduction ($100 million), there will be $1,038.2 (billion) more over five years. (Housing costs and other factors may make a larger increase in five years’ time.)

Projects not funded in the five-year plan total $692 million. However, it was pointed out that a footnote should be included indicating that the money due from FEMA for the hurricane damage was not included in the revenue stream. Mr. Garretson advised that FEMA stated the district had not maintained roofs properly over the years, and it would not give the district the $200+ originally announced. It would be more like $60 million. Also, the inflation caused by the hurricanes could go down if we see less active and damaging seasons. He also reiterated when asked that the district can’t handle more than $350-$400 million/yearly in work because of limited staff.

The plan to keep the fifth year blank so as to prioritize projects from the first four “failed miserably” when he presented it to the board. There are five board members up for re-election.

The plan now is to put all academic people in one place in the Sawgrass Office Park, bought for $175 sq.ft. including furnishings. They will sell HORTT and use KCW for the business side, with the auditors moving back downtown.

Mr. Shim advised the timeline for the 5-year plan: Books to the board May 22 or 24. First hearing June 7, Second August 2.

Linda Ferrara reported that the IAQ inspection had to be postponed to the next day because the batteries died on the equipment they were using and there were no spare batteries.

The next meeting is Thursday, June1, 7:00 p.m. HORTT