Ira Paul: Schools still lag

The Miami Herald Posted on Fri, Jun. 6, 2008

The May 28 letter Improvement Zones are effective doesn't mention that the number of F schools in Miami-Dade County increased during the previous year to 28 from six. Almost all of the new F schools are in the School Improvement Zone. As a teacher in one of these zone schools, I watched my school's grade plummet to F from a C.

Few Zone schools improved. The School Improvement Zone has been a failure, and it is time to end it. With the budget cuts our school district is facing, Superintendent Rudy Crew needs to lead by example. Cuts he proposes must come from the top down.

Next month, Crew will be eligible for a $70,000 bonus. School Board member Marta Pérez is correct. If times are as tough and serious as Crew states, he needs to cut from the top. He should reduce the marketing and public-relations departments significantly, cut the size of central bureaucracy and forgo this year's bonus.

IRA J. PAUL, president, Independent Voices for Better Education, Hialeah