Charlotte's letter to President Obama on D.C. vouchers

Dear Mr. President,

I implore you not to cut the school choice program for the disadvantaged children in the District of Columbia . I've been an education activist beginning in the 70s when I realized Florida had no school crossing guards and worked with my community to find funding for a statewide program and get the state law creating the program passed the first time out.

I was president of the Dade County Council PTA/PTSA from 1989-90 and saw firsthand how deficient in providing education the Title/Chapter 1 schools were. No matter how we tried, the ed establishment would not change, and these schools were and are the feeder patterns to the jails.

Cutting the children's access to outstanding schools that their families simply cannot afford is a tragedy, and tantamount to abuse because they will wither on the vines in the schools that we all agree are unacceptable.

I shall struggle as long as it takes, and urge my children and grandchildren to continue the battle, until those children who have already suffered enough can have the same choice as those who are fortunate enough to be from families able to pay the tuition.

My own Congresswoman, who adamantly opposes school choice programs or other incentives for businesses to establish scholarships, has always sent her children to expensive private schools, as have most of the members of Congress who have school aged children.

I beseech you, Mr. President, to keep the hopes of poor children alive and allow the District's school choice program to live.
Charlotte Greenbarg


Founding Member

IVBE, Inc.