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March 31, 2009

Education Exchange

Co-sponsored by State Policy Network and the Alliance for School Choice, the Education Exchange is a quick-read update on recent events in education – in the states and nationally.  Below are the latest education resources and news.  If you would like the Exchange to feature your organization’s work, please submit links to your recent studies to Liz at


The second year evaluation of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program is now available from the University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform.  The evaluation shows the program benefits Milwaukee students and saves the state money.  The full evaluation and reports are available on the University of Arkansas website.  More information on the Milwaukee program is available from School Choice Wisconsin.


EVENT: Are all budget cuts bad for education? (Thomas B. Fordham Institute)

April 9th forum on education & budget issues.  Will be posted online afterward.

VIDEO: Sweden’s Choice (Pacific Research Institute)

PRI on vouchers in Sweden.

Keep Teacher Performance Pay (Texas Public Policy Foundation)

Brooke Dollens Terry comments on incentive-based pay programs.

A Charter School Q&A (Texas Public Policy Foundation)

A report on charter schools in Texas and around the country.

Education & the State Fiscal Crisis (PEPG – Harvard)

A new report on improving K-12 education during lean economic times.

Private Sector Educators, Public School Students (Illinois Policy Institute)

A survey on instructional service privatization in Illinois.

Charter School Testimony (Illinois Policy Institute)

A summary of testimony before an IL Senate Committee on Deficit Reduction.

The shell game of ‘making AYP’ (MER – Mackinac Center)

Michigan Education Report on the Fordham Institute Accountability study.

A Voyage to Reading (Jefferson Journal)

Chris Braunlich’s latest commentary on reading & education reform.

Private School Universe Survey (NCES)

The latest K-12 National Center for Education Statistics private school survey.

Grading Obama (Maine Heritage Policy Center)

Stephen Bowen on Obama’s recent education speech.

Expanding Choice – Montana & Indiana (Institute for Justice)

Two new reports on tax credit proposals in Montana and Indiana.

Improving Educational Options for Hispanic Children (Heritage Foundation)

Dan Lips’ recent Education Notebook commentary.

When Private Schools Take Public Dollars (Thomas B. Fordham Institute)

Fordham’s new report on accountability in voucher programs.

AZ Supreme Court on AZ Special Needs & Foster Programs (Institute for Justice)

IJ’s release on the recent decision against the two scholarship programs.

Video highlights open enrollment (Missouri Education Reform Council)

Interviews on Missouri’s open enrollment program.

Liberal Interest Groups 2, Arizona Children 0 (Heritage Foundation)

From The Foundry, a blog entry on the AZ Supreme Court decision.

Nation’s Longest-Running Voucher Program Making the Grade (Alliance for School Choice)

Alliance release on the MPCP study.

Success at Scale in Charter Schooling (American Enterprise Institute)

A new AEI report on successful charter school programs.

Colorado’s Homeschool Law Turns Twenty (Independence Institute)

New paper profiling the history of homeschooling in Colorado.

‘Mental bailout’ costly for needy children (Bluegrass Institute)

Commentary on the D.C. voucher program.

April 2009 School Reform News (Heartland Institute)

The latest issue of SRN covers choice programs in AZ, GA, OH, WI.

Kentucky Special Needs Scholarship Program (Bluegrass Institute)

An overview of the proposed scholarship program.


Freedom to Choose (for Some) (Forbes)

Why We Must Fight for School Choice (National Review)

A win-win idea (Baltimore Sun)

N.J. plan could give students more choice (Press of Atlantic City)

Study echoes MPS, voucher findings (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

D.C. School Children Take Back Seat to Politics (Human Events)

Educating Obama (Forbes)

SC Democrat joins GOP Rep. for new voucher plan (The State)

Miracle at St. Marcus (WPRI)

Act swiftly to remove constitutional ban on vouchers (East Valley Tribune)

State can’t spend its way to student achievement (

Private schools, public money (Cantonsville Times)

School choice supporters gather at the State House (The State)

A call for reform of public education (

Opportunities for All of D.C.’s Schoolchildren (Washington Post)

The City’s Children Need Opportunities (Washington Post)

German family seeks US asylum to homeschool kids (Examiner)

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