Secrets of Successful Teaching

Dear Friends,

As an educator and policymaker, you understand the importance of the teacher in the classroom in providing a quality education to each and every student across our country.

Study after study proves that great teachers produce great students.  The effectiveness of an educator can make the difference between academic success -- or educational failure. 

So what are the secrets to successful teaching?

To find out, the Foundation for Excellence in Education brought together 85 of Florida’s top educators to learn their tips and techniques for teaching.  Teachers were chosen because their students – some high performing, some struggling, some with disabilities, some just learning English – made the most progress in reading or math, from one year to the next, based on the results of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, the state’s annual standardized test for students in third through tenth grades.

These teachers shared their experience and expertise with researchers during two focus groups moderated by the University of Florida’s Lastinger Center for Learning, a national leader in developing innovative professional development initiatives to improve instruction in classrooms across our country.  Many of their insights into excellence echoed across subject and grade levels.  These recurring themes, reflected in the words of the teachers themselves, reinforced the findings of multiple research papers and projects from renowned institutions across the country. 

A compilation of personal stories and professional advice, backed by national research, is the essence of Secrets of Successful Teaching.

Sharing these helpful hints with education professionals, parents and policymakers is the next step toward improving the quality of education for every student in America. 

Today’s teachers are preparing the leaders of tomorrow.  Learning to read and mastering mathematics are the first small steps toward discovering the cure for a debilitating disease, designing the engineering feat of the century, or writing a literary work that lasts through the ages.  The success of our educators in the classrooms now will shape the destiny of our nation.

ecrets of Successful Teaching is located at Please visit our interactive guide today and share this important tool with your colleagues and fellow educators and policymakers. Together, we can improve the quality of teaching in American classrooms.


Patricia Levesque
Executive Director, Foundation for Excellence in Education